Access Control

As security contractors MPH offer a wide range of Access Control Systems ranging from a simple numeric keypad, to magnetic card readers, proximity devices all the way to multi-door PC Based systems, providing total control and monitoring of sensitive areas of your business premises.


Whatever your type of business, Access Control is an ideal solution when you need to protect and secure particularly important or sensitive areas of your premises.


MPH have been successfully protecting business premises from unauthorised and unwanted visitors by continuously developing access control systems. Our systems are designed to suit the client’s individual needs, installed and then maintained on a regular schedule.


Our advanced access control systems include, systems that are able to recognise authorised visitors by using Swipe cards, proximity cards, as well as barrier control security systems that are able to read and recognise the number plates of authorised vehicles.


Access control can not only benefit your commercial business, in terms of making a site more secure by protecting employees, visitors, property and any sensitive information but also helps to reduce time sheet procedures.


Intercom Systems

At MPH we offer a wide range of audio and video door entry systems, which can range from a single handset up to hundreds of units around large commercial sites. Intercom systems can suit all projects and buildings.














Gates and Barriers

In order to complete an access control system a gate or barrier may be required. We are able to supply and install all types of barriers and gate automation from the leading manufactures, designed and installed specifically for you. The barriers and gates will then be incorporated with the on-site access control system.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

In order to improve security an ANPR system can be installed, these systems can also help to reduce congestion. The ANPR system will work in conjunction with the access barrier control system; this will open the barrier automatically as authorised cars approach.


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