Immediate response to a Monitored Personal Attack

A personal attack signal from a monitored alarm will receive an immediate response from the monitoring station. With a bell only alarm, you are relying on a neighbour or passer by to come to your aid.


Fire Protection

With a monitored alarm system you can also be monitored for fire protection and have the emergency services such as the fire brigade attend. Manual activation of fire alert by keypad or automatic detection devices such as smoke and heat detectors will activate fire alarm signal.


With a monitored alarm, the alarm-activating centre will quickly call the fire brigade, where as a bell only system you are relying on a neighbour/passer by to call emergency services.


A Permanent Monitored Connection through Wireless Technology

GSM /GPRS connection should your land line fail or be disconnected. Protecting you against even the most determined criminal. Our monitored system is not wholly reliant on the phone line, should the phone line become inactive for any reason the system uses mobile technology to communicate with the monitoring station offering you permanent monitored security.


Wire free panic button activation. This function offers more than just a panic button for notifying the monitoring station that you have intruders in your property. It can be carried with you at all times in the house should you feel the need. If you are taken ill, have had a fall you can use the panic button to activate the system and the 2 way Audio system enables the monitoring station to communicate with you in the house. These benefits are similar to other home services that are offered to the elderly and those who require assistance remotely but of course this is linked directly to the monitoring station and will be supplied with the full alarm system and not just the panic button service. This means you have all the benefits of the automated security and fire system as well as well as the personal communication with the monitoring station.




Enhance your home security

A haven of peace and security - that's what your home should be. But when it really matters, it's better to be safe than sorry.


An unprotected property is vulnerable night and day. Every home needs the protection of a reliable security system.


Choose an MPH Monitored alarm system, for your peace of mind.














24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The obvious benefit of the monitored system is that someone is watching over your family, home and possessions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


However if you have a bell-only alarm system you are relying on your neighbours to quickly come to your aid, which may put them at risk, and you cannot be sure that they will always be there to respond.


A Police Response to your Monitored Alarm

The Police will no longer respond to a bell-only alarm, unless there is additional evidence of a crime being committed. The Police will respond to a monitored alarm which qualifies for Police response.


If you are away for a period of time (e.g. on holiday) and there is a problem with your alarm which requires entry to the house to rectify we can alert a key holder.


With a bell-only system a fault may persist for the whole time you are away, and no one may be available to attend to the problem.


A monitored security system has a number of benefits when compared to a burglar alarm system.


The police will respond to a Monitored security system, which qualifies for police response. A Direct Response security system can ensure you have this level of response by providing a URN number from your local police district, this number logs your address and guarantees they will respond to an alarm in your home. There is no guarantee that the police will respond to a bell-only alarm, unless there is additional evidence that a crime is in progress.


If you opt for a panic alarm the monitoring station will respond immediately if it is set off who will in turn contact the Police.










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